sabato 15 novembre 2008

Switch al Mac? macché! SWITCH-BACK a Linux !!!

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The problem was not the software, but the Apple’s and the Apple community’s attitude. The attitude is that if users want to do something the “non-blessed” way they are confused or incorrect. Want two mouse buttons on your MacBook Pro? “You can do that this other way.” Want to play music without storing your whole library in iTunes? “Why would you want to do that?” Want to use something besides iTunes to load your iPod? “Thats silly.” Want to run on different hardware? “Thats a bad idea.”
Its total lack of transparency (both through code and legal action) assured that you did things their way and *only* their way.
Apple is not delivering an OS, or hardware, or even software. They are delivering an end-to-end technology experience, and if you are willing to just go with their experience you’re in good shape, but if not - you’re screwed.
Apple is for people who are willing to buy into one way - their way - of doing things. Its purely the Apple way or the highway.
Ironico: la Apple fa lo spot per farti sembrare più "libero" se usi i loro prodotti, e invece... guai (orrore, sdegno, vergogna, ignominia!) se osi pensare differentemente dal loro blindatissimo "think different".

Per la cronaca, uso iTunes solo per condividere alcune musiche. Il resto degli MP3 ce li ho sparsi in giro e li "playo" da command-line con mplayer.

Simpaticissimo il logo di Ubuntu Linux con la scritta "Think Different". Penso proprio che lo invierò a un po' di MacUser ancora "non pentiti"...

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