sabato 26 settembre 2009

Scarafaggio radiocontrollato

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cyborg beetle

Earlier this year we were amazed when University of California researchers controlled a beetle via electrical implants. The video available at the time of the original report showed beetles tethered in place while electrical stimuli was applied via the chip. New video of free flight is has now been posted. Although the motion is rather sporadic, it is obvious that simple commands to start flight, stop flight, and turn left or right are having their intended effect. Check out this cyborg action after the break. Is DARPA one step closer to unleashing legions of insect warriors on unsuspecting masses?

La fantascienza è già qui.

2 commenti:

  1. Ammazza! E di tutti i miliardi d'insetti disponibili, proprio il piu' schifoso di tutti dovevano prendere come modello? Brrrrr...

  2. Certo! Pare che ce ne siano in abbondanza... anche di forma umana ;)