mercoledì 23 settembre 2009

LEGO 8049: tornano i pistoni!!!

Below also some words and information, from Monica Pedersen (LEGO Technic Marketing Manager) about the new product, that you should want to read.
"As a special treat we would like to share a picture of one of the LEGO Technic novelties from 2010 with you. With the launch of the 8049 Tractor with Log Loader LEGO Technic is re-introducing pneumatics into our models. We have been listening to on-line discussions and wishes from our adult fans for some time, and as a consequence we decided to look into how we could use pneumatics in a new LEGO Technic model. After having tested different models with our core target group (boys 7-13) we found out that they really liked being able to play with pneumatics in this particular model and this is why the 8049 Tractor with Log Loader is launching in 2010.
Trapela una clamorosa notizia: nel 2010 uscirà questo simpatico set con pezzi "pneumatics", dopo che nel mondo degli appassionati già si piangeva da tempo per la loro dipartita...

Anche stavolta la LEGO ha dato ascolto alla sua sempre più ampia base di AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), che ormai rappresenta un quarto delle loro vendite. Evviva!

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