mercoledì 16 dicembre 2009

Ancora UAV: il CyberQuad

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The Cyber Quad is a small, ducted fan craft and can carry  a high-definition video camera or sensors to detect specific gases (industrial pollutant or chemical warfare agents). The brushless electric motor is quiet and does not produce sparks – important when investigating a damaged oil platform. Top speed is around 40 mph with a mission time of 35 minutes, but this can be extended to some hours by perching

There are plenty of quad-rotor electric craft out there which claim similar capabilities, like the DraganFlyer , Swarm Systems’ Owl , not to mention Air Robot’s AR100B, now used by the British police. According to the makers the stealthy AR100B   ” can fly silently through the air or hover while transmitting live images to the operator at the ground station…The unit can also ‘perch and stare’ from a solid platform allowing the operator to capture hours of footage from an out of view vantage point.”

I prodotti per i militari sono sempre di eccellenza.

Ma più passa il tempo e più mi convinco che gli hobbysti stanno riuscendo a far di meglio...

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