giovedì 1 gennaio 2009

Zx Spectrum 2009 REMAKE! -- released!

This is a Zx Spectrum clone created by Gennaro Montedoro (Italy), released 1/1/2009.

Main features:
- low power required (360mA only);
- can run on original Sinclair power supply;
- easy to build;
- 100% compatibility; can run complex Spectrum demos;
- 15 ICs less than original Sinclair design.

The photo below has a temporary homebrew keyboard and no expansion board; Eagle schematics and photos (freely downloadable here and here, in .RAR archive format) have expansion bus (on the right side of the PCB).

More information on Italian Zx Spectrum mailing list (especially discussions starting on January 2009) and -soon- on Lo Zx Spectrum in Italia.

Other Italian Zx Spectrum clones:
- Chrome
- Zx Badalòc (and Badalòc Reloaded)

5 commenti:

  1. mai visto uno sfigato come te. comprati un mac che è meglio-

  2. Looks fantastic. I come back to this page now and then just to look at it. :) This is how a computer should look!

  3. Except for physical dimensions, this *is* what the computer looked a few decades ago!! :)