lunedì 9 novembre 2009

USB suspend e reset

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> is there a way to turn off USB devices from user-space?
No. However there is a way to suspend a USB device. In order to use it,
you must have a kernel with CONFIG_PM_SYSFS_DEPRECATED turned on. To
suspend a device, do (as root):
echo -n 2 >/sys/bus/usb/devices/.../power/state
where the "..." is the ID for your device. To unsuspend, do the same
thing but with a "0" instead of the "2" above.
Note that this mechanism is slated to be removed from the kernel within
the next year. Hopefully some other mechanism will take its place.
> To reset a
> device?
Here's a program to do it. You invoke it as either
usbreset /proc/bus/usb/BBB/DDD
usbreset /dev/usbB.D
depending on how your system is set up, where BBB and DDD are the bus and
device address numbers.
Questa me la segno.

Il sorgente di usbreset è su (si limita a mandare una semplice ioctl: Linux è grandioso).

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