giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

Un intero sistema operativo fatto in Silverlight

clipped from is a Silverlight operating system (sometimes
called a Web OS or a Webtop or a cloud computer). It is is a website that simulates
an operating system inside your web browser. replicates the desktop
environment of a modern operating system. It can give you a familiar work interface
that looks the same whether you’re working at your home computer, or remotely from
a borrowed or public computer. You can launch applications right away without installation. is web-based and requires Silverlight 3
to operate. Application runs in Silverlight’s security sandbox. By default code
is restricted from accessing your file system or doing anything that could hurt
your machine. Besides desktop, taskbar, start menu and sidebar, currently it includes
such applications:
  • File Explorer

  • Internet Explorer

  • Video Player

  • Rich test editor

  • RSS reader

  • Virtual PC

  • Notepad

  • Paint

  • Twitter client

  • Flickr viewer

  • Youtube viewer

  • Virtual Earth

  • Chat

  • Calculator

  • Games like Chess, Solitaire, Spid
  • Premesso che sono completamente contrario a tenere i miei dati su server internet (incluse gmail e soluzioni di backup online)... ecco a voi SilveOS.

    Un intero sistema operativo scritto in Silverlight 3, con gadget, navigatore, multimedia, giochi e altre applicazioni.

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