lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

Linux? Anche nella chitarra

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clipped from
The guitar itself is CNC machined out of solid ABS plastic. This is an extremely solid body, not like injection moulded plastic which is thin, lightweight and hollow. The screen is an 8.4" LCD 800x600 resolution. The CPU is a 500MHz x86 compatible AMD Geode which makes life easier, I guess. The operating system is Gentoo Linux which I've stripped down to be as lean as possible. Graphics (framebuffer access) is done with DirectFB which acts as a fast layer on top of the hardware. The neck is 144 "keycaps" sitting on top of a special keymat that I had tooled. They are not pressure sensitive - but I made the decision early on not to include this because I don't feel it is neccessary, it would make the instrument harder to play and less reliable.
Uh-oh. Chitarra digitale con Linux a bordo, display da 8.4", porta Midi ed Ethernet...

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