mercoledì 24 giugno 2009

Trentadue milioni di gate

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HERON SYSTEMS - Programmable and Modular
A HERON system uses a Module Carrier board to provide Real Time communications between your choice of modules. The modules offer Xilinx FPGA (some with embedded PowerPC, some with external memory) C6000 DSP and powerful I/O. If you need more than 4 modules, or a distributed system then our inter-board connect modules provide real time connections between carrier boards too.

HERON systems are programmable, and although it is your job to program them, they come with extensive support software, a self teach training course and even cables to allow you to get started quickly.

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For example take 4 modules with 8Million gates and 256Mbytes of memory each,
and you can get 32Million FPGA gates and 1Gbyte of memory in a single PCI slot! 
"Stackando" quattro moduli si può mettere su un mostruoso complesso FPGA con 32 milioni di gate capace di parsare 400 megabyte al secondo (e magari anche con DSP processing).

E pensare che fino a poco tempo fa i maniaci dell'FPGA si sentivano ricchi quando avevano un po' di migliaia di gate...

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