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Quel DC9 nei cieli di Ustica

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photo of McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15 I-TIGI
Itavia flight 870 departed Bologna (BLQ) at 20:08 on a domestic flight to Palermo (PMO). The DC-9 was en route over the Tyrrhenian Sea at an altitude of about 24000 feet when an explosion occurred. Extensive structural damage caused the plane to break up. Most of the wreckage sank to a depth of some 3500 metres.
The cause of the accident has never been officialy established. In the years following the accident many theories were suggested. Some theories centered around the fact that the DC-9 may have accidently been shot down by NATO fighters. Either during an exercise involving Italian, U.S., and French jet fighters, or during a dog fight involving Libyan, U.S., French and Italian Air Force fighters in the area.
It has also been suggested that explosive device detonated in the rear (starboard) toilet.
Su Aviation Safety leggo la scheda relativa al DC9 caduto nei pressi dell'isola di Ustica nel 1980.

"La causa dell'incidente non è mai stata ufficialmente stabilita".

In ogni caso è classificato in categoria "C" ("criminal" occurrence).

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