martedì 21 aprile 2009

Le favolette Mac: "la batteria durerebbe di più" (boiate!)

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Battery Life

Everything so far about the new MBP17 is all well and good, but we think there's one claim in particular that's going to interest consumers the most: A 7-8 hour battery life*.

*Assuming screen at half brightness, Wi-Fi on, light browsing, light word processing (so no Bluetooth but otherwise a standard configuration). 8 hours on integrated graphics, 7 hours with more beefy discrete GPU.

First we put the system up against a day of blogging. This test was admittedly harder than Apple's cushy benchmarking, but I wanted to see how it would stand up to true pro use. So with the screen just a hair above half brightness, Wi-Fi on, Bluetooth off, backlit keyboard on, discrete graphics on, heavy web browsing and occasional Photoshop work, we achieved 3 hours 57 minutes of run time.

Should we be pissed? After all, Apple offers 7-8 hours in their ads! That's your call.
La pubblicità inganna.
Le misurazioni sul campo, con esigenze reali, parlano diversamente.

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