giovedì 13 maggio 2010

When you can't help but tell everything...

A while ago I found that エウレカセブン and コードギアス were to be broadcast on Rai4 (the fourth national TV broadcast channel here in Italy). I don't ever happen to watch TV - 'twas just luck seeing a short trailer of them. Couldn't help but...
- Mom, you'd watch these. At least the latter.
- Huh?
- Yeah, I already enjoyed 'em a while ago. It's...
- But... my last one was キャンディ・キャンディ. And... giant robots won't ever suit my style, y' know.
- It ain't boring SF, er... you should really look forward for it, cos', er, uh... I watched 'em jap-sub-eng, because Italian voice actors just suck... (huh? a bit overboard, eh?)
- Hrmpf!! (...yes!)
I remembered this episode because this evening, at dinner time, I heard again (for the second time in my whole life) that ugly sounding voices of the Italian trailer, announcing R2ep11 at 11:15pm. This time I didn't say anything

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