lunedì 10 maggio 2010

GPSD: 2.9 examples (?WATCH ?TPV ???) and... uh-oh: backporting

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I happily used gpsd up to version 2.39, without ever reading more than a dozen lines of documentation. Just telnet it, send a "W" command, and everything is fine (SiRF binary and other weird stuff converted to a clean, ready-to-use data stream).

One day my Angstrom Linux upgraded gpsd to 2.90 and... everything stopped working. So I started digging into Berlios searching for a quickstart example. Never found anything. More digging, more confusion.

Finally I was able to run a ?WATCH command for raw data. But I don't want raw hex data, I just wanted that "W" flow running again, don't care if it has JSON encoding.

I got the latest GPSD 2.94 and tried to compile it using gcc 4.3.3: a bunch of problems and errors.

Final solution: downloaded again GPSD 2.39 and recompiled it. Everything went like a charm.

I understand reasons for changing the querying method of GPSD but... what the heck, spend 3 minutes to show us how to convert the classic "telnet and send W" to the new procedure! ;(

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