domenica 23 maggio 2010

Beagleboard as USB mass storage device

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BeagleBoard as USB Mass Storage Device via USB OTG

File-backed Storage Gadget (M) | CDC Composite Device (Ethernet and ACM) (M)
$ /sbin/losetup -o 16384 /dev/loop0 /home/root/fsbackfile
$ mount /dev/loop0 /home/root/loopback
$ ls /home/root/loopback
services passwd ~passwd
Found on Wh1t3s blog details on how to configure a Linux kernel and shell scripts for the Beagleboard in order to make it appear as a "mass storage device"; the storage area is contained in a file.

Not only it will appear as a mountable "beagledrive" to the host; the Beagleboard can also manipulate the files contained in the area.

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