mercoledì 26 dicembre 2018

Mandatory "my Rust 2018" post

I first heard about Rust on August 2014. I gave a serious try in late 2016 when Rust 1.13 was released. By early 2017 I built an in-car diagnostic system, 100% Rust code including my OBD and graphics libraries, still working today.

It's been a while I have Rust in production on company servers. Lucky me, I didn't have to bother learning tokio, because mpsc was just perfect for every scenario. Also, I don't like to waste my time on "next releases may break compatibility" things.

I used to have a daily fight with the Borrow Checker. Sometimes it won, sometimes I won. When Rust 2018 was released, I had two fights in the same day. I won twice. That is, I am getting more and more familiar with Rust. And NLL is a boon.

Rust is providing me value. I really hope those developers get paid because they definitely deserve it.

Rust switching to edition = "2018" was flawless. Every project I cargo fix'ed had no issues.

I'm so addicted to the combination of rustup/cargo (and clippy and fmt and helpful error messages) I just can't imagine how I was able to write any software before.

What do I wish for "Rust 2019"? I only need people stop whining about "my crate only works with nightly Rust". Rust 2018 Edition is mature. If your crate requires more than a single unsafe or demands a nightly, then you are the problem.

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