giovedì 2 giugno 2011

Arduino on Ubuntu/PPC 10.10 Maverick: libtxrx-java problem

Installing Arduino environment under Ubuntu/PPC 10.10 (Maverick):

1) goto

2) download the libtxrx-java...deb package

3) install it using sudo dpkg -i librxtx-java_2.2pre2-8_powerpc.deb

4) install Arduino environment (some 35+ megabytes download): apt-get install arduino

Thanks to Scott H. at !!!

Above: a 3sec 25600iso shot taken on the ISS (source: NASA website).

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  1. Don't forget that to use serial/USB adapters (like Arduino) you might need to kill the modem-manager:

    sudo killall modem-manager
    cd /usr/sbin
    sudo mv modem-manager modem-manager.dontstart

    (now you can attach the Arduino or any serial/USB gadget).

    The default modem-manager, in fact, tries to use every "serial" gadget as a modem. This is quite annoying to me (I have internet via network cards and have a bunch of serial gadgets which don't like "AT" commands!)