giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Sparkfun Free Day 2011: GOT IT !!

Oh, no!

32 minutes before the Free Day start, Sparkfun servers are already out of service... sigh! ...This means that my "Free Day" discount is flying away, and away, and away, and away...!


Free Day started! But for now... YES, at least I can reach a Gorgeous Reference Code in hex... I will accurately copy it in my safest places (and -maybe- I'll later try to decode it) :-)


I can even reach the computer icon with the Antimov-styled Sparkfun-sized fire coming out from it...

UPDATE 3 (d'ya remember Matrix?)

"I'm in!"


Cannot yet get to the Lump page (d'ya remember Doom II?)... Many people getting it alright without having to stress the "Reload Page" key!!!


Last and most famous words...

UPDATE 6: Got it!

And finally, after only 81 minutes of trepidation... I got it!! YAY!! The most funny part was shouting to my skeptic coworkers: "Geronimooooo!!" :-)

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