giovedì 8 ottobre 2009

PSP Go: fa rima con Non Comprerò

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Obviously this is gonna be a big sticking point, and there's no easy way to look at it: the PSP Go is $249.99. That's just $50 less than a brand new, Blu-ray equipped PS3, and $50 more than a new PSP-3000 -- more if you factor out any bundled games -- and while a little clunkier in form factor, it's got all the same functions as the new model and can play UMDs. Pouring lemon juice on this proverbial paper cut, Sony's publicly stated its intention to maintain a "pricing parity" with the MSRP for its digital downloads, meaning games sold at retail as UMD will frequently be undercutting the PSN's pricing. We're not gonna lie, it's very nice to have the option of gaming without carrying a case of discs, but those few dollars extra per game are gonna add up -- not to mention no chance of trading in to GameStop later.
Anche stavolta la Sony manca una preziosa occasione di ricevere soldi dal sottoscritto...

La PSP Go costa 249$ (cioè appena 50$ in meno di una PS3 equipaggiata con disco BluRay).

Inoltre ha quel deprecabile sliding che non mi dà mai troppo affidamento, anche se come hardware è costruita abbastanza bene.

Infine, connettori e memorie non sono standard (finalmente hanno abbandonato l'UMD ma il resto lascia proprio a desiderare).

Occasione persa, Sony! Ci rivediamo al prossimo tentativo, con la PSP 4000: e speriamo che stavolta non combinerai pasticci...

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