giovedì 12 settembre 2013

BeagleBoneBlack power in my hands!!

Quick start:
  1. configure some local ethernet port as
  2. plug ethernet cable to the BeagleBoneBlack
  3. plug power cable - it will boot (blue leds will start flashing)
  4. login: ssx -X root@ (no password required); note: that is the usb0 preconfigured fixed address (accessible from ethernet as well)
  5. manually configure network to match my home router:
    ifconfig eth0 ; echo nameserver >>/etc/resolv.conf ; logout
  6. login again: ssh -X root@
  7. manually configure gateway: route add default gw
  8. check internet connection: ping
  9. set clock: rdate
  10. update/upgrade stuff (takes hours!): opkg update && opkg upgrade
  11. install something useful: opkg install ruby
  12. manually reconfigure network (/etc/udev/rules.d/udhcpd.rules contains the fixed usb0 address) and reboot
Some notes:
  • boots from NAND (mmcblk0p1: FAT 71Mb boot partition; mmcblk0p2: ext4 1.7Gb rootfs partition); some 500Mb free after first boot; /tmp is mounted to a ramdisk
  • more than 300Mb RAM free at first login
  • I did not yet test any microSD
  • /proc/cpuinfo reports 297.4 bogomips (it's running at 600MHz now)
  • systemd-based Linux Angstrom 2012.12, kernel version 3.8
  • hmm... perl 5.14, python 2.7.3 and g++ 4.7.3 are already there, as well as vim; I just need ruby

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