giovedì 1 luglio 2010

Vespa-no-onna coming back?!?

I think my favorite scene with her in those 2 episodes was her introduction. Yes, you’ve read countless times already just how lolrandom it was to have a woman come out of nowhere on a yellow Vespa, trying to hit the main character with a guitar while yelling a variation of “itadakimasu!” But, well, there’s a reason that people remember that scene. Thinking back to it now, I can’t help but crack a smile, even though I didn’t find it all THAT funny at the time. I remember noticing that Haruko was swinging the bat left-handed – I was and am a big baseball fan – and wondering if that was something that would remain consistent or was just based on convenience of the animators (turns out, director Kazuya Tsurumaki had made her a lefty on purpose). The opening scene in which Naota criticized the way Mamimi was holding the bat probably primed me for that thought as well.

Cioè, in parole povere, arriva a tutta velocità una vespa gialla con su a bordo una donna mancina che brandeggia una chitarra elettrica per suonartela in testa.

Questo era il momento cruciale dell'incipit.

La serie non fu granché (dopotutto era "sperimentale"), ma nel primo episodio contiene una scena da antologia del cinema: la lite a tavola in "versione manga".

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