giovedì 15 luglio 2010

Aeroplano elettrico (zero-emission)

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Yuneec e430 electric plane to ship in 2011
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We love the name Yuneec, as this catchy-sounding company is also revolutionary with its release - an electric-powered aircraft known as the E430. This prototype transportation is slated for a 2011 release in the global market, and unfortunately there won't be any inflight service with this since it seats all of two people. One advantage this has over fuel guzzlers of jet airplanes - it costs a mere $2 for each hour it spends in the air, alongside a significantly lower maintenance cost. Of course, you will still need to have $89,000 lying around somewhere if you were to bring this puppy home.

Yuneec electric aircraft could change air travel
L'ennesima idea di aeroplano elettrico... sta per prendere il volo. Dall'anno prossimo (così dicono) dovrebberlo vendere a 89mila dollari, cioè poco più di un'autovettura sportiva di lusso.

L'autonomia è un po' misera (dichiarano ottimisticamente da 90 a 180 minuti di volo), probabilmente a causa del peso delle batterie. Però resta un bel giocattolone.

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